Roll off boxes, water tight containers, roll tarp containers & compactors

Impact’s experienced team understands the importance of time on a job site. We have same-day service and 24/7 live dispatch!

Our facility has a vast inventory of 20, 25, 30, and 40-yard roll-off boxes as well as roll tarps, water tight boxes, dewatering containers, and compactors. We take pride in the quality of our equipment. Impact’s roll-off boxes are always in premium condition.

We can customize boxes to fit any special needs or applications.

Our roll-off containers have been engineered to ensure the highest quality of durability and are designed for maximum efficiency on job sites. Our roll off (or open top) containers come in different sizes. All have the same footprint but vary in height. 

20-yard boxes (8’ wide x 22’ long x 3.5’ high)
Typically used for small clean-ups, dirt, concrete, roofing, brick, brush and other small-quantity heavy materials or lightweight waste. 

25-yard boxes (8’ wide x 22’ long x 4’ high)
This size is for smaller jobs with light-weight materials such as wood, sheetrock, small furniture, brush and general trash.

30-yard boxes (8’ wide x 22’ long x 5’ high)
Commonly used on construction and demolition sites as well as commercial or industrial job sites. They hold larger items such as furniture, tree limbs, etc.

40-yard boxes (8’ wide x 22’ long x 8’ high)
We set these tall boxes on jobs such as demolition and construction. Unlike the smaller roll-off boxes, these are either loaded from a dock or through the door due to the height. Large bulky items with air space and large volumes of lightweight materials are a good fit for a 40-yard box.

Much like roll-offs, vac boxes are hooked to a vac truck on one end and your liquid waste on the other. The vacuum sucks the waste into the fully sealed box for transporting. Water tight boxes have sealed doors and are covered with tight water proof tarps.

Roll tarps can be open or closed quickly and easily, and help protect your roll-off free from unauthorized waste.

Stationary Compactors
These compaction units are mounted permanently to a concrete surface. The hopper opening comes in various sizes. A large enclosed box attached to the unit and trash is packed into the box until it is full. This equipment is typically used for dry compatible waste such as cardboard, paper, packaging material, plastic, etc.

Self-Contained Compactors
These are similar to our stationary compactors, but the unit does not fasten to the concrete. Instead, the hopper and the box are one unit so any food or liquid cannot escape. We set this type of equipment at hospitals, hotels, apartment complexes, and other high volume wet waste generators.